Oracle Primavera Cloud (formerly Prime)

Oracle Primavera Cloud (formerly Prime) is a new generation, cloud project management platform that enables team collaboration and real-time visibility across the project lifecycle. .

By integrating the management of project portfolios, schedules, tasks, resources, costs, field teams, documents, and risk into a single platform, Oracle Primavera Cloud delivers complete project success.

  • Integrated project and portfolio management

    • Create multiple portfolios to analyze projects and proposals.
    • Analyze project portfolio activity, status and customer success metrics.
    • Share performance improvement results with key business stakeholders.
  • Collaboration

    • In-built, configurable forms and workflow process to address simple and complex business needs.
    • Flexible collaboration system to improve coordination between project stakeholders, companies and team members.
    • Cloud based solution for collaboration between designers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and all parties involved.
  • Coud-based solution

    • Web based application with zero client side software.
    • Leverage leading database and middleware technology.
    • High performance, scalable, extensible and reliable system.
  • Integrated platform

    • Single platform to deliver scope, schedule and cost capabilities.
    • Solution that integrates resource, risk, document management under one single platform.
  • Mobility

    • Purpose built mobile application leveraging device capabilities.
    • Offline capability to access data on the go.
    • In-built notifications and discussion capabilities to improve collaboration

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service modules available for subscription are:
  • Oracle Primavera Schedule Cloud Service
  • Oracle Primavera Task Management Cloud Service
  • Oracle Primavera Progress Cloud Service
  • Oracle Primavera Portfolio Planning Cloud Service

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